Water jet cutting

We are pleased to offer our services in water jet cutting using our new OMAX 55100 machine. Water jet can cut virtually any material, from he hardest such as ceramics to soft ones such as foams.

The machine’s scope of application is cutting on a 1400 mm x 2500 mm table (cutting on a larger surface is possible on individual request, with details to be agreed upon with us) of any shape of virtually any material of 0,1 – 200 mm thickness. After cutting, the surface obtained has Ra not lower than 4.0 and taper between 0.15-0.35 mm.

The condition of the surface obtained depends on the quality and the gauge of the material cut.

Another advantage of that method is the small cutting width, down to 1 mm, depending on a cutting head used.

We have an optical locator which enables very precise cuts in an existing workpiece. We can also determine according to a 5-grade scale the quality of the surface processed and whether it needs any further processing.

Materials that can be cut with water jet with abrasive:

  • Constructional steels:
    • alloy stainless steels and acid resistant steels,
    • tool steels, including hardened,
    • carbon steels,
    • chromium and nickel alloys,
  • Copper and its alloys,
  • Aluminium and its alloys,
  • Titanium,
  • Molybdenum,
  • Ceramic materials, engineering ceramics, sandstone, porcelain,
  • Natural materials, granite, marble,
  • Solid glass, laminated glass,
  • Reinforced gasket materials,
  • Reinforced graphite panels.

Materials that can be cut with water jet alone:

  • Composites and plastics, PTFE,
  • Rubber and foams,
  • Aramid gasket materials, cork,
  • Graphite.

Potential applications:

  • Cutting of workpieces for all types of prototypes of machines and equipment where non-typical shapes of parts are made, for which it is uneconomincal to prepare punching dies or wherever workpiece manufacturing time is to be short.
  • Cutting of seals made of rubber, plastics, PTFE, cork, aramid, graphite, cardboard.Cutting of non-typical ceramic panels, glaze, natural stone, and glass.

The cutting time is a function of the following quantities:

  • material type,
  • material gauge,
  • shape of the element to be cut out,
  • cutting line length,
  • required quality of surface after cutting.

– Please, send your enquiries at the following email address: jwilantowicz(at) giving the above data and, if available, attach a CAD drawing.
– By fax at: (+48) 81 473 12 01
– By phone: (+48) 81 473 12 23

We are looking forward to doing business with you.

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