Overhaul – industrial fittings

Overhauls of industrial fittings:

  • safety valves, including setting at test station,
  • cut-off valves,
  • check valves,
  • ball valves,
  • gate valves,
  • throttle valves,
  • fluid indicators,
  • cocks,
  • other industrial fittings from DN 5 to DN 1000.

Most often reclaimed industrial fittings are:

  • casings,
  • gave valve wedges,
  • valve seats.

Most often manufactured spare parts for industrial fittings are:

  • valve spindles, valve heads,
  • gate valve boxes,
  • sleeves.

After an overhaul is completed, the fittings are checked at pressure test stations over the following pressure range:

  • Hydraulic tests up to 60 MPa for flanged or welded fittings,
  • Pneumatic tests up to 45 MPa for flanged or welded fittings.

Test results are confirmed with diagrams.

On-site reclamation of flanged connections of pipelines and vessels using the TDF – 1A portable flange turning machine.

A machine for machining flat flanges, e.g. for turning cones, machining seal faces, sleeves, pump casings, turbine casings, etc. Diameter range: 0-400mm ( 0″-16″).

Specially suitable for machining of:

  • flanges of any type,
  • fitting bodies/cases,
  • tank flanges,
  • heat exchangers,
  • seal faces, both plain and with helical groove,
  • for making grooves, preparing for welding,
  • for conical and axial turning as well as all sorts of turning works typical for a construction site.

The portable flange turning machine is fitted in flange holes above the surface to be machined, on a cross piece mounted on four rods, which makes for a good view of the surface. In case that the 90° setting of the flange holes is not applied, special flange tooling is used.

In case that machining of the whole surface of the flange is necessary and it is not possible to mount directly on the flange, trestles are used mounted in flange holes. Vertical and axial alignment of the machine is carried out using an integrated alignment system.

Accurate parallellness is achieved by setting vertical columns using a precise thread.
Dial gauges employed in a unique centering system make for concentricity of up to 0,025 mm.
The machine is equipped with a 600W, 239V/50Hz electric drive.
Operating data:
Facing range: 0 – 400 mm. This turning machine allows for additional manual axial feed of 30 mm; even with that additional function the overall installed height is as low as 310 mm. The additional feed is particuarly suitable for turning grooves for any type of seal.
The portable turning machine has centrally installed a twin-feed facing head (0,1 mm/rev and 1 mm/rev) that allow for axial feed and in-feed with the knife rotating. The portable turning machine also has an angled head making it possible to turn conical surfaces (angle range: 0°-120°).
The benefits of using the TDF-1A portable turning machine are as follows:

  • lightweight and small,
  • automatic radial feed,
  • manual axial feed,
  • excellent rigidity,
  • versatility of settings in both centering and height adjustment,
  • powerful drive using electric motor,
  • fast mounting in any position,
  • on-site machining where disassembly is not possible.

Guarantee service and after-sales service of machines overhauled.

The CLIMAX portable flange facer FF6200 is our next machine for on-site reconditioning of flanges, which significantly enhances the performance capabilities of the mobile machining services offered by our company.

The speed, versatility and the unique mounting rigidness are the three features that best describe the FF6200 machine. It provides high torque which makes it easier to machine flanges, thus reducing costly de- and re-installation of equipment and unnecessary plant downtime.

The FF6200 machine allows for planing, bevelling, chamfering, counterboring or cutting and preparation for welding, in diameter range from 300 to 1400 mm, and can be mounted on both the internal and external diameter of the flanges.

Diameter mounting of the machine: ID or OD

To see the operation of an FF6200 machine, please, see the clip at:

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