Overhaul – pumps

Complex services in pump overhauls:

  • Rotary pumps: centrifugal, helicoidal, diagonal, propeller type,
  • Positive displacement pumps: piston (plunger), vane, rotary (gear, screw) type,
  • special pumps.

We carry out revamping of pumps consisting in:

  • reconstruction of stuffing box for installation of new mechanical butt seals in existing working environment of cord packing,
  • composite coating in order to protect pump parts against erosion, corrosion, cavitation, to improve pump performance (i.e. capacity, efficiency).

Most often manufactured pump spare parts are:

  • new shafts,
  • shaft protecting sleeves,
  • distance sleeves,
  • stationary/moving balance disks.

Most often reclaimed pump spare parts are:

  • rotors,
  • stators,
  • pump casings,
  • cassettes,
  • bearing housings,
  • mechanical seal parts.
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