Powder coating

Modern, efficient technique coating surfaces, increasingly used in decorative finishing and anticorrosion of metal surfaces. Replaces wet painting, recommended above all where weather resistance, quality and durability of the coating are essential.Our powder coating workshop is suitable for the coating of parts of different shapes and sizes, the maximum workpiece dimensions: L = 7500mm B = 1400mm, H = 1700 mm, weight 500 kg.

The powder coating technique consists in electrostatic spray application of a powder coat to a part. We use two technologies: “Crown” and “Tribo”. Next, the parts are cured at a temperature of 140-200°C at which the coating melts and hardens. Curing time is approx. 20 minutes, depending on the temperature in the oven. The thickness of the coating is from 60 to 120 microns.
We offer powder coating of the following: steel parts, aluminum parts, castings, galvanized parts, components of steel structures, fence panels, railings, gates, façade elements, car parts and accessories, rims of both steel and aluminum, as well as any other elements according to customer needs.

The powder coating workshop is equipped with an automated wash unit, a drying room and a modern powder coating unit (including a suspension conveyor system and a curing oven). The powder coating shop room has an area of  600 m2.
The process of powder coating is preceded by surface preparation:

  • grit blasting (depending on the condition of the part).
  • degreasing and phosphating treatment, optionally with preliminary etching in case of steel parts,
  • chemical treatment – for aluminum, to give appropriate adherence of the coating to the part’s surface.

In our work, we use only high-quality materials, including environmentally-friendly powder coatings in any RAL colors, gloss finishes and surface textures.
We are at your disposal:

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