Laser cutting

We offer laser cutting by a MITSUBISHI eX 3015 machine.

Laser 1a1 1024x394 1 Laser cutting

The laser operates in the CO2-based technology, has a power of 4.5 kW. This enables quick, accurate cutting of parts from metal sheets in the following thickness ranges:

  • carbon steel 0.5-25 mm,
  • stainless steel 0.5-20 mm,
  • aluminium: 0.5-15 mm,
  • copper and brass 0,5-8 mm.

We can cut parts of any shape, with dimensions within a 3000 x 1500 x 150 mm workspace and maximum weight of metal sheet workpiece of 690 kg. We guarantee high repeatability, accuracy and quality of the cut-out parts with high performance and a wide range of application.

Other features of the machine:

  • automatic and fast (25 s) change of worktables,
  • saving and loading programs using barcode
  • resonator without turbine,
  • low laser gas (MIX) consumption, low energy consumption, low operating costs,
  • patented stainless steel cutting technology with high-quality,
  • patented reflective materials cutting technology,
  • unrivalled, best cut quality,
  • ability to work with only one lens for all thickness,
  • travel rates increased to 150 m/min.

To request a proposal, please email us at (please, attach a CAD drawing(s) if available). Or contact us by phone: + 81 48 473 12 00, or using the form below.

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