Overhaul – steam turbines

We carry out overhauls of small, low capacity steam turbines up to 25 MW:

  • Flow system overhaul:
    • penetration testing of blades,
    • ultrasound testing of shafts,
    • reblading of rotors and casings,
    • replacement of lamellar seals,
    • reclamation of journals by spray metallization,
    • dynamic balancing of a rotating system.
  • Testing and repair of casings.
  • Manufacture of new or reclamation of existing slide bearings.
  • Manufacture of steam seals or oil seals.
  • Alignment of machines using laser devices.
  • Overhaul of equipment:
    • steam and water fittings,
    • condensate pumps,
    • ejectors,
    • cleaning of condensers.
  • Oil system overhaul:
    • overhaul of oil pumps,
    • cleaning of oil system,
    • overhaul of existing or manufacture of new oil coolers,
    • filtering of oil in the oil system.
  • Overhaul of turbine protection and control system.
  • Start-up and after-overhaul diagnostics of turbines.
  • Machining of turbine components.
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