We offer services in static and dynamic balancing using stationary balancers for machinery & equipment rotating units:

  • impellers: pumps, blowers, fans,
  • shafts: mixers, equipment drives,
  • centrifuge drums.

Balancing range:

  • workpiece weight up to 2000 kg.
  • workpiece length up to 3000 mm.
  • workpiece diameter up to 3000 mm.
  • shaft journal diameter up to 120 mm.

We also carry out balancing of units complete with shafts and sub-assemblies supplied by the customer.

Balancing service is documented and consistent with the PN-93 / N-01359.

Balancing in own bearings is effected using the smartSCANNER instrument for on-line balancing of machines in their own bearings in industrial site conditions. That instrument is perfectly suited for the balancing of fans, blowers, pumps, as well as large size machines such as steam turbines, generators, electric motors, etc.

We carry out dynamic balancing of rotors in own bearings at nominal speeds, thus ensuring high accuracy.

We carry out:

  • single plane balancing and sequential dual plane balancing;
  • flexible corrections; unbalance correction can be effected according to various  algorithms: any, stable location, line pitch;
  • balancing without the necessity to disassemble the test weight, and, where it is not possible to mount the weight on the rotor, by taking off weight.
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