Alignment and measurement diagnostics

The alignment of machines and machine units is carried out using the following instruments: SKF Shaft 200 and Prüftechnik smartSCANNER.

We carry out:

  • alignment of horizontal machines,
  • alignment of vertical machines,
  • alignment of machines with shafts connected and disconnected,
  • softfoot measurement.

Alignment can be carried out also in case of limited possibility to turn a shaft (as little as 60° is enough), taking account of thermal expansion and preset misalignment, with selection of any static feet of the machine, with possibility to choose an option of a short or intermediate shaft coupling, depending on the requirements we use one or two lasers, for shafts in both antifriction bearings and slide bearings.

We also carry out alignment of pulleys (belt transmission systems) using a dedicated laser instrument, PULLALIGN.

Vibration measurement is carried out using Prüftechnik VIBSCANNER. That instrument enables measuring machine states, processing results, and diagnostics. It also makes it possible to carry out spectral analysis of vibration signal in form of spectra of vibration speeds and accelerations, as well as spectral analysis of envelopes.

Essential in effective and efficient supervision of machines are measurements of relevant characteristic quantities, which make it possible to determine the vibration state of a machine. We carry out measurements of overall vibration state of such and equipment such as: electric motors, gears, compressors, turbines, pumps, etc. by measuring offset, speed and acceleration of vibrations. We make periodic or continuous measurements of vibrations of bearing nodes. Based on multiple measurements over a certain time span, we carry out trend analysis of changes in a machine’s dynamic state.

The recorded vibration data are compared with limits set out in the Polish standard PN-ISO-10816-3, thus determining the overall vibration state of the machine. Based on the measurements made, we also determine the sources of vibrations in respect of the machine as well as a given bearing (if the bearing’s specification is known). We analyse a spectrum which contains frequencies characteristic for a given damage.
Thus, we determine a concrete cause for vibrations occurring in the machine, e.g.::

  • damage of an antifriction bearing component,
  • excessive clearance and instability of the oil film in a slide bearing,
  • unbalance of rotating components,
  • misalignment,
  • improper foundation, resonance of the machine,
  • working fluid pulsation, turbulences,
  • rubbing of mating parts of a machine,
  • in an electric motor – damage to stator or rotor, field asymmetry.
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