Overhaul – piston compressors

We carry out complete and medium overhauls, inspections, and servicing of piston compressors handling gases such as: air, nitrogen, hydrogen, ammonia, methane, synthesis gas, and carbon dioxide at pressures up to 100 MPa.

The a/m overhauls include the following activities:

  • Compression stage overhaul including the following options:
    • cylinder grinding,
    • replacement of cylinder sleeves,
    • reclamation of pistons or manufacture of new pistons,
    • manufacture of piston rings, piston rods, gas seals and oil seals,
    • reclamation or manufacture of operating valves.
  • Reclamation of valve seats in cylinders.
  • Overhaul of crank system:
    • grinding of crank shafts,
    • manufacture of main bearings and machining in the compressor casing,
    • reclamation of crankshafts and pins or manufacture of new rankshafts and pins,
    • reclamation of crossheads,
  • Overhaul of equipment:
    • intercoolers,
    • oil pumps: multi-piston or gear type,
    • pulse tanks and separators.

We carry out overhauls of compressors, consisting in retrofitting them for lubricant-free systems or for limited lubrication of cylinders and glands or change of capacity.

We handle small, portable or stationary air compressors, as well as compressor units, and HP dryers installed in electric switching stations.

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