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Masz-ZAP » PLATINUM FARO measuring ARM


Specialised measurements are carried out using a mobile, coordinate measuring device, the 2.4 m FARO Platinum Arm.

The 2.4 m Platinum FARO Arm from FARO Technologies makes it possible to perform measurements in two or three dimensions of any shapes at an accuracy +/- 0,036 mm.

Using the FARO Arm, we can check, as well as compare with CAD models, single elements or units.

Applications of the FARO Arm:

  • measurement and verification (with a CAD model) of dimensions of machine parts of any shapes,
  • measurement of shape and outline dimensions,
  • coordinate measurements in terms of dimensions and location deviations of elements such as e.g.: casing, shaft, support, other machine sub-assemblies, etc.,
  • alignment checks of bearing trestles (eg. largepiston compressors),
  • precise measurements and CAD representation of elements of any shape, followed by exporting such information as  a CAD file.