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Management Policy

The Machinery and Fittings Repair and Overhaul Company Masz-ZAP Ltd. aims to provide fully professional services meeting the requirements and expectations of our customers, and to continuously improve these services.
Such services, according to our Policy, are provided in a manner which is safe for humans and responsible with respect to the environment.Our goals are delivered through:

  • full involvement of both the management and all employees in the implementation of established and known goals, including improvement of working conditions and environmental protection,
  • employing skilled and experienced personnel who systematically improve their professional qualifications,
  • full responsibility of each employee for the work performed by him/her,
  • identifying the risks to the working and the natural environments, arising from our activities, products and services,
  • rational waste management while minimizing the negative environmental impact of the services provided by us (pollution prevention),
  • prevention of accidents at work, occupational disease and accident potential events, striving for continuous improvement of the health and safety at work, and continuously improving our activities in the field of health and safety at work,
  • taking into account the role of the employees and engaging them in activities related to health and safety at work,
  • conducting systematic monitoring and analysis of the performance of the management system in order to meet requirements and continuously improve the system,
  • ensuring adequate resources and means to implement our policies.

In the establishment, implementation and maintenance of our Integrated Management System, we observe applicable laws and other requirements related to our Company, which we have committed ourselves to adhere to.

The goals and commitments contained in the management policy are implemented and maintained at all levels of our Company.
I hereby oblige all employees to know and comply with this policy.

Zenon Wojas
Chairman Of The Managing Board – c.e.o.
The quality of our services is guaranteed by the implementation and maintenance of the Integrated Management System in accordance with the Standards

ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, PN-N-18001:2004,
confirmed with Certificates awarded by Det Norske Veritas for the entire scope of our services.