The Machinery and Valve Repair and Overhaul Company „Masz-ZAP” Ltd.
Al. Tysiąclecia Państwa Polskiego 13,
24-110 Puławy
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We offer complete overhauls of the following equipment:

  • Rotary compressors: GHH, Parsons, Dresser, Nuovo – Pignone, ĆKD, Borsig, Demag, Joy, Ingersoll Rand, other,
  • Piston compressors: Nuovo – Pignone, Ingersoll-Rand, ĆKD, Quiri, Belis&Marcom, NMZ Leningrad, VEB VACOMA, Wuch Dębica, Z.B.M. i A. im. i A. im. Szadkowskiego, Fabryka Maszyn w Strzyżowie, small air compressors, and other,
  • Screw compressors: Atlas Copco, HOWDEN, Ingersoll-Rand, Aerzener, Sabroe, York, GRAM, FRICK, and other,
  • Power turbines and small capacity industrial turbines, including reblading of casings and rotors: Parsons, Allen, GHH, Siemens, Zamech Elbląg, Pierwsza Brneńska im. K. K. Gottwalda i in.,
  • Single- and multi-stage rotary pumps, plunger pumps, multi-piston pumps: Ochsner, KSB, Wortinghton, Grupa Powen – Wafapomp, Gabinetta, LEWA, Sigma – Lutin, Hydro-Vacuum, Tofama, and other,
  • Fans and ventilators,
  • Centrifuges and decanters: Alfa-Laval, Westfalia Separator, Kraus Maffei, Sharples, Baker-Huges,
  • Industrial fittings up to DN 1000, including acceptance at test rig:
    • up to 60 MPa hydraulic test,
    • up to 45 MPa air test including inspection and setting of safety valves.

Additionally, we offer the following:

  • Reclamation of parts using the following methods:
    • spray metallization – wire thermal spray,
    • composite coating to protect parts against erosion, corrosion or cavitation, as well as revamping of flow systems,
    • pad welding and arc welding (TIG, MIG, MAG) as well as gas welding,
    • machining (turning, milling, boring,grinding).
  • Manufacture of bespoke parts for machines being overhauled.
  • Alignment of machines using laser equipment: SKF Fixturlaser Shaft 200 and Prüftechnik Smart SCANNER.
  • Alignment of machines using laser equipment: SKF Fixturlaser Shaft 200 and Prüftechnik Smart SCANNER.
  • Balancing of rotary parts on stationary balancers, weight range from 1 kg to 2000 kg.
  • Balancing of rotary units in their own bearings.
  • Vibration diagnostics of a machine’s dynamic state.
  • Penetration testing.
  • Fabrication of measurement paths for vibration sensors by diamond burnishing.
  • Reclamation of flat flanged connections, possibly with on-line machining of seal faces.
  • Water jet cutting of gaskets or other parts.
  • Laser cutting