The Machinery and Valve Repair and Overhaul Company „Masz-ZAP” Ltd.
Al. Tysiąclecia Państwa Polskiego 13,
24-110 Puławy
tel. +48 81 473 12 00 fax +48 81 473 12 01
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About Company

The Machinery and Fittings Repair and Overhaul Company “Masz – ZAP” Ltd. was formed on 01.07.1993 as a result of transformation of the Machinery Overhaul and Repair Unit, then a part of Zakłady Azotowe “Puławy” S.A., into a standalone company. The Company now employs 150 people in two departments:

  • Machinery Repair & Overhaul,
  • Pump & Fittings Repair & Overhaul.

With more than 45 years of experience in carrying out overhauls, and the staff’s professionalism and and skills, we are able to take on all sorts of tasks in the difficult and demanding market of services.

The technically sophisticated machines and equipment operating at Zakłady Azotowe “Puławy” S.A., as well as the full involvement in their revamping processes oblige us to keep on raising our qualifications, both of our technical & engineering staff as well as those directly involved in manufacture.

Our assets are:

  • long experience in carrying out overhauls,
  • highly qualified staff with state-of-the art knowledge,
  • professionalism,
  • efficient delivery of services,
  • knowledge of purchase and supply resources,
  • continuously updated equipment.

Please, be advised that all our employees directly involved in the performance of manufacturing and maintenance work possess necessary, up-to-date electrical contractors certificates.

Please, be advised that all our servicing employees working outside Poland possess necessary, up-to-date SCC safety certificates.