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Masz-ZAP » “Masz-ZAP” has a new partner

“Masz-ZAP” has a new partner

April 23 signed a letter of intent between LOTOS Service and Enterprise Machine Repair and Fittings “MaszZAP” Sp. with o.o

As part of the collaboration, the two companies undertook to m. In. mutual technical assistance hardware and personnel during the work, to exchange experiences and technical information and declared their willingness to support their activities by drawing the attention of their current and prospective clients the opportunity to implement their planned projects with the participation of the other side of the letter.







– I’m glad that we were able to sign a letter of intent with such a large and reputable company as LOTOS Service – Zenon said Wojas, CEO of “You-Zap”. – I am convinced that this agreement will create new opportunities for both companies.

– Very positively estimate the signing of a Letter of Intent between the two companies – says Grzegorz Błędowski, director. Technology. – Offers LOTOS Service and Have-ZAP complement each other, which will favor the development of cooperation. We gained a partner with high qualifications in the field of machinery repairs and, most important for us, in terms of regeneration and production of spare parts. LOTOS Service also found a solution to meet the demands of the planned maintenance shutdown Spring 2017 in terms of an increased number of repairs of the fittings and machinery.

– This is a written declaration of mutual cooperation between companies in the implementation of repair – says Tadeusz Zielinski, Head of Maintenance LOTOS Service. – In particular, we look forward to working with You-ZAP in the field of specialized repairs of machinery, equipment, fittings, safety valves during the next spring refinery maintenance shutdown in 2017.

This credit of trust, which has been granted mutually by the two companies, approved and formalized by the two partners.