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Honing services

We are proud to announce that we have extended our portfolio with honing services, i.e. smooth machining for very accurate bore finishing.

Honing characteristics:

  • Bore diameters: ø 63.5 mm ÷ ø 600 mm
  • Maximum stroke: 1500 mm
  • Maximum weight of a workpiece: 8000 kg
  • Max outer diameter: 1400 mm
  • Maximum length of a workpiece: 1400 mm
  • Total power: 6 kW
  • Speed: 14 – 84 r.p.m.
  • We obtain roughness classes from Ra 0,63 through Ra 0,04.

Honing operations are performed on a Honingtec BVD-450 1500i honing machine. It is a vertical column machine on a supporting structure, with a retractable table and adjustable hone pressure on the surface being machined.

honownicaHoning is used to smooth bores in compressor cylinder liners, engine casings, hydraulic cylinders.

You are welcome to make use of our honing services.