Overhaul – screw compressors

Overhauls of air screw compressors: Atlas Copco, Aerzen, Ochsner, ĆKD, GHH, Ingersoll-Rand, Hafi, Alup, Ceccato.

Scope of work performed during repairs (air compressors, gas compressors):

  • replacement of antifriction bearings,
  • reclamation of seals on external surfaces of rotors:
  • reclamation of rotor journals,
  • balancing of rotors,
  • inspection of gearboxes,
  • adjustment/removal of clearances,
  • reclamation of covers,
  • reclamation of labyrinth seals,
  • inspection and reclamation of the control system: volume ratio (Vi), capacities,
  • vibrodiagnostic testing of machines (before and after overhaul).

Overhauls of refrigeration screw compressors manufactured by e.g: Howden, York, Stal, Gram, Frick.WUCH Debica, Gea Grasso:

Scope of work performed during overhauls of refrigeration compressors:

  • replacement of bearings,
  • reclamation of rotor antifriction bearings by centrifugal casting of bearing bushings using bearing metal alloys,
  • reclamation of rotor shafts NEB at seal-shaft contact areas (graphite rings) –  reclamation of bearing journals by metal spray,
  • reclamation of gas seals,
  • inspection of gearboxes,
  • reclamation of piston rods of regulating pistons by chrome plating,
  • reclamation and, if required, manufacture of new performance sliders and performance slider limiters,
  • reclamation of performance slider guides,
  • manufacture/reclamation of balancing pistons,
  • reclamation of MR and FR rotors by pad welding and machining of orifice seals,
  • reclamation of main seals (packing glands),
  • balancing of rotating components,
  • vibrodiagnostic testing, evaluation of equipment dynamic condition.


  • Roots compressors,
  • Rotary compressors,
  • Blade compressors,
  • Water ring compressors.

Other equipment:

  • Fans and ventillators,
  • Hydrokinetic couplings,
  • Vertical/horizontal rotation axis centrifuges,
  • Decanters.
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